About Rogan Cunningham

Rogan Cunningham Archer

Hey, I’m Rogan, and I’m an Archer. I took up a bow for the first time four years ago at a local fair, and I was hooked. I joined my local club and quickly moved to a compound bow; I love the power, the control, and how technical it is.

I began my Archery adventure with a Diamond compound bow… so forgiving and flexible, a fantastic beginner bow. As I progressed, I needed to up my game, so I tried PSE and loved it; on my second now.

As I improved, my club put my name forward for a tryout on the Irish team. Several weeks and many training camps later, I received “The phone call”…….”I WAS IN” I remember being so pumped; being on the Ireland team pushes me to be the best I can be.

I want to learn everything I can about Archery. I like to fletch my own arrows, and this past summer, I started making bowstrings….sweet!

I’m lucky to live in the countryside, with lots of space. This year I began working on a shooting cabin and 50 and 18-meter shooting range. I train every day, whatever the weather, and practice back tension release, form, and fitness.

I compete at as many events as possible, but as I’m still at school, I can’t travel to as many international events as I’d like. I have been a National indoor champion for the last two years and an outdoor champion for the last three years, 15-60-120 arrows.

I shoot at 50 meters outdoor summer season and at 18 meters during the indoor winter season. Archery is a positive force in my life, the people, the places, and the lessons it teaches… I feel so lucky that I found it.