How to Creep Tune your bow

If your a target archer I know you hate those high and low misses as much as I do. Well in this post your going to learn how to get rid of them. Creep tuning is something you might not have come across before but it is a game changer, and the best part is, it’s very simple to do (and I wish I had done it sooner).

To creep tune your bow consists of the following steps

  • Sighting your bow in at 18meters
  • Placing a horiztontal Line across the target
  • Taking shots pulling hard in the back wall
  • Taking shots creeping out of the back wall
  • Twisting cables on your top or bottom cam depending on your results

Now that you know the steps lets talk about them.

The Theory behind it

Ultimately to be better archers we need to be able to fix our own bows, but more than that we need to understand why we need to fix them. If we do not understand the problem then we can’t fix it ir tackle it again in the future. This problem stems from not only you not have consistent pressure on your back wall but it also comes from the timing of your bow. On all PSE bows there is a mark on the cams to time your bow, and this will get the timing close hwoever if your bow is timed at rest it will not be timed at full draw. This is becasue the placemebt of the dloop on the string. The dloop is not in the exact center of the string therefore your pulling above the center of the string meaning your bottom cam will hit first.

Now as I said your bows timing will be very close if you time it at rest but it won’t be perfect. So if you are having high and low misses and your bow was only timed at rest that could possibly be why.

Sighting in

This is the easy part. Coming into the indoor season now we should all have an indoor 18 meter sight mark with your current set up. So what your going to do is place either a piece of string or tape or whatever it is you can find horizontally across the target boss. This is going to be your aiming reference. It’s important you get it level (it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect just not totally wonky)

Creep Tuning

Now to get into what you came for, this is how you creep tune. So your bow sighted in with a horizonal line across the target load up an arrow draw back and pull hard into your back wall, harder than you normally ever would while aiming at the horizonal line. I always take two shots to verifies this.

Now you’ll do the opposite, draw up your bow and creep forward from where you would normal hold your bow at full draw and take two shots while aiming at the horizonal line.

The placement of where the arrows that you shot coming off the back wall (creep shots) tells you what you need to do.


So either one of two things happened, when you shot the arrow pulling hard into the back wall it probably landed close to your horizonal line so your creep shot either went above your first arrow or below it. Go ahead and pop your bow in the bow press here’s how were going to fix that.

Creep shot above hard back wall shotAdd twits into bottom cams cable
Creep shot below hard back wall shotAdd twits into top cams cable

Depending on how much your out by will depend on how many twists you should put in the bow, I would usually put about 2 twists in at a time and then go and repeat that process to check if your high or low misses are eliminated.

Just be warned when you complete creep tuning go back and check your draw length, putting twists into your cables can increase your draw length, you may have to put twists into your main string to get your draw length back to where you want it.

Rogan Cunningham

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