How to Correctly set up Peep Sight Height

The one thing that stands in your way when you get a new bow or new set of strings is getting your peep sight to co-operate with you. There’s only two things you need to watch out for with your peep. Is it rotating correctly and is it at the right height. You’ll need to fix the height before you can fix the rotation so if your here before my other article on fixing the rotation of the peep then you’ve got it in the right order.

The steps to set up your peep sight height correctly is as follows:

  • Inserting it at your base height
  • Checking the height
  • Checking the height at required sight mark

I know there doesn’t seem to be many steps here but this can take some time, so don’t rush these steps and get it right.

Base Height

So more than likely you’ve got your peep height from your last set up, but how do you know where to put the peep in your next set up? Well the answer is easy if your using the same bow just with a fresh set of strings, you will measure from any point you would like on your string. The most obvious place to measure from is your d-loop or your nocking point to the middle of your peep. But what do you do if it’s a different bow. Well if your two bows are the same Axel to Axel length you may get close to what you need but it might not be perfect.

On a fresh set of strings on the same bow you can as I mentioned just measure from the bottom of the top nocking point. It’s okay if you don’t place you’re nocking point in the exact same spot as your last set of strings because the bow is the same and the string lengths will be almost the same if you have the measurement from your last set you’ll get it very close it may just need adjustment for the rotation of the peep.

Once you reach adulthood you should try set up your bow as precisely as possible and get really good measurements/specs of your bow things like peep height, draw length and record them. Makes doing stuff like this much easier.

What do I do if my bow is a Different Axel to Axel?

When your bow is a different ATA your peep height will be thrown off. Not by a huge amount but still enough that you wouldn’t get away with your old measurement. Depending on if your ATA is more or less your peep height will be more or less as seen in the table below.

ATA LargerPeep Height Smaller
ATA SmallerPeep Height Larger
I know it’s a strange concept to wrap your head around but its a handy tiny little bit of info to have. I don’t unfortunately have exact figures for you about how far out the peep height would be for every inch of ATA you get away from your last set up but I can tell you for every 2″ of ATA you change your peep height would never change any more than 0.5″ so you have a range you can work within. A lot of this stuff is trial and error but the less things you have to try the more time is saved for you.

How do I check my peep height?

Checking the peep height is actually quite simple. All you’ll need to do is nock an arrow and draw back your bow with your eyes closed and anchor into your face. The reason we close our eyes is that with them open your brain subconsciously will move your face to try fit where your peep is. With your eyes closed you can be honest with yourself. If you open your eyes and your peep is right in front of your eye then you know you’ll have done it right. You’ll know yourself if it’s too high or too low. Just be weary that when you move the height of your peep you’ll also change the rotation of the peep so may be a little harder to tell if its bang in the middle where you wanted but it’s still doable like that.

Again this is a lot of trial and error so be patient I know fine tuning the peep may be a struggle but will be worth it in the end. Now what a lot of people will do is once they have it set up to where their eye is they’ll leave it there, and yes that is correct on paper but what I’ll share with you next I don’t think too many people are aware of and it greatly affects how well your bow aims. If your interested in this next set I would not spend too much time getting your peep height perfect for right in front of your eye.

Checking Peep height at set Sight Mark

Now that you have your peep height close to where it should be, here’s where the fine tuning comes in. Depending on what game your playing your peep will be at a slightly different height. This is a little difficult to explain so I’ll draw up a diagram to hopefully make it easier to picture. But here’s how you’ll set it up. If your shooting outdoor season you’ll be shooting 50m. So here’s what you do

Set your sight to your 50m sight mark. Draw back your bow with an arrow nocked and with your eyes closed. Anchor in and then open your eyes. Take note of where your peep is in relation to your sight. We are looking for these to be in line with each other. Take a look at the diagram below and you’ll understand this concept a bit more.

So you can see from the example above that at full draw our peep may be in line with our eye but it is not in line with our scope that is set at the sight mark we’ll be using for the distance we’ll be shooting. So in this instance you’ll need to bring the peep sight down to be in line with our scope. I have found this to be way more effective than setting it up for just your eye. The difference about how your bow aims is noticeable even though I know it’s such a small change but setting your peep sight up correctly is a pivotal part of your set up.

This is one of those things that it’s a small change and requires a little bit of fiddling but if you are looking for anything to lift your game even by a few points this is a change you need to make.

What if my Peep isn’t rotating correctly?

There’s a few fixes to that but again it is mostly trial and error. But I have outlined how to fix your peep rotation in the below article.

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