How To Fix Peep Rotation? – This is how

When your peep rotates out of place, it’s the most annoying thing in the world. Such a small part of your bow is off, and it can disturb your whole shoot. 

Well, not to worry; at the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to fix your peep rotation problem.

There are three common ways to fix peep rotation:

  1. Twist your string
  2. Tie tag ends
  3. Swap strands 

There are pros and cons to each technique, so in this post, we’ll cover the good and the bad for each, and you can decide which is right for you.

1 Twist Your String 

Twisting bow string

So to do this job, you’re going to need a bow press. As for how to do it, it’s very simple. You’ll need to identify which way your peep wants to rotate when you draw it back. Either to the right or left. Now, this is where you’ll need to figure out are going to put twists into or out of the string, as not all strings are built the same.

So if to get your peep to rotate, let’s say you need to twist it to the right. You’ll press your bow to take the string off at the top end (the end that your peeps on!) and twist it by quarter turns. Put your string back on, and check if your peep is any closer to rotating correctly.

Keep doing this until you have your peep rotating straight. I would always count the number of turns I’ve put in/out of the string so that if your whatever reason, I don’t find a spot where the peep rotates, I can always go back to where I started.


Pros to this way are that about 9 Times out of 10, it’ll work for you. There’s always going to be that one time no matter how much tinkering you do, you just won’t get it. It’s nice and easy to do. However… 


There’s only one con to this method. When you put twists into your string, you’re making your draw length smaller by a couple of millimeters. The same goes for taking twists out of your string makes it a tiny bit longer. 

But to be fair, it’s only a couple of mm. That may bother some people, rightfully so, but if it doesn’t seem to bother you, have at it. 

Tie In Tag Ends 

Bow string peep tied in

This is the method I probably like the most and has the best win percentage for me. You don’t need a bow press for this. All you’ll need is some serving and something to hold your bow. (I use a bicycle vice works a treat) 

Very simply, all your going to do is do over-hand and under-hand knots and tie above and below your peep sight. What this is doing is pushing the string together where you tie in the tag ends. 

Now once you’ve done that top and bottom, you can push both tags’ ends either up or down, and this will change how your peep rotates. When I’m doing this job, generally, I’ll tie both top and bottom, but I won’t fully tighten them down until I’ve found the sweet spot on both top and bottom. Then I burn my tail ends into the tag ends to secure them down. 


The pros to this method are once you tie the tag ends on, you won’t need to take them off. Or if your peep rotation changes after you thought you had it set, all you’ve got to do is again push both your tag ends either up or down. 


The cons to this method are… well, really, I can’t think of any, which is why I think it’s my favorite out of the three.

3 Swap Strands 

Bow string swap

So for this last one, just like the first method, you’re going to need a bow press. So with every set of strings you get, there should be a divider that shows the exact middle of the string between all the strands.

You will put your peep in the middle so that there’s an even amount of strands on the right as there are on the left. But you guessed it. You can also change how your peep rotates by taking strands from the left and putting them on the right and then taking strands on the right and putting them on the left.

What’s important is that if you take two strands from the left and put them on the right, you then take two different strands from the right and put them on the left. You always want the same amount on both sides of your peep. 


If you didn’t have serving or didn’t know how to serve but you have a bow press, this would be a good method. Also, if you didn’t like the look of tag ends, you wouldn’t have to have them.


It is very time-consuming. You’ll be at this method for quite some time, and at first, you won’t see significant changes, so it requires a lot of time and even more patience. 

So to make a long story short, if I were you, I’d be wrapping on some tag ends right about now!

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